Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hunger Games Challenge

Hunger Games the movie is coming out soon, who else is way excited? I already have my midnight showing tickets, going to make my own District 7 Tribute shirt for the showing, I have my District 7 card pass thingy being made and I've played all the online games to see if I could survive the hunger games (I can't). I'm so ready for the movie!

One of my babysitting kids showed me this fan made Hunger Games video and asked "can you make it through the video without crying?"

Turns out I can't.

But that's okay, because we haven't found a single person who can make it through without crying (well, at least people who have read the books can't make it through tearless).

So I want to know, can you make it through this whole video without crying?

And if that link doesn't work for you, here is another link to it: Clicky clicky

Here is something to make you laugh after all that crying I just asked you to do. EviliguanaProductions are those hilarious people that did that Twilight trailer spoof we all know and love. These guys are so funny. Now they did Hunger Games.

On a side note:
If you don't know what online Hunger Games games I'm talking about, a few years ago Scholastics put together a few fun games for fans to see if they could survive the hunger games. Those games can be found Here.

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