Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Book Boyfriend-- Ash

My book boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader.

A couple months back, I did a MBB post about Ash from The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. I did not do it justice. I had a massive cold at the time and couldn't focus for very long, so I didn't look for actors to play him or post pictures or any of that.

Ash deserves better.

And because I just listened to the first three Iron Fey books on audiobook and am about to listen to Iron Knight, I've fallen in love with Ash all over again. So I'm redoing his post.

About Ash
*Is the youngest Unseelie court prince
*Best swordsman there ever was
*Hides behind an icey persona
*Has longish dark hair and silver eyes
" His eyes, cold and inhuman, glimmered with amusement. Up close, he was even more beautiful, with high cheekbones and dark tousled hair falling into his eyes. My traitor hands itched, longing to run my fingers through those bangs."

Who should play him in a movie
I'm an avid youtube fan. There are a few different youtubers I follow religiously and one is Dan Howell aka Danisnotonfire. One day I was like "hey, he would make a good Ash" and now the idea is stuck there. Won't come out and now I picture Ash looking like him.

“My name is Ashallyn'darkmyr Tallyn, third son of the Unseelie Court...Let it be known--from this day forth, I vow to protect Meghan Chase, daughter of the Summer King, with my sword, my honor, and my life. Her desires are mine. Her wishes are mine. Should even the world stand against her, my blade will be at her side. And should it fail to protect her, let my own existence be forfeit. This I swear, on my honor, my True Name, and my life. From this day on..." His voice went even softer, but I still heard it as though he whispered it into my ear. "I am yours.”

“His forehead bumped softly against mine, his brilliant silver gaze searing into me. “I plan to keep you, from everyone, for as long as I’m alive. That includes Puck, the false king, and anyone else who would take you away.” One corner of his mouth quirked, as I struggled to catch my breath under his powerful scrutiny. “I guess I should’ve warned you that I have a slight possessive streak.”   
“But ... but what if I hit you?”
A snort. “You’re not going to hit me.”
“How do you know?” I bristled at his amused tone. “I could hit you. Even master swordsmen make mistakes. I could get a lucky shot, or you might not see me coming. I don’t want to hurt you.”
He favored me with another patient look. “And how much experience do you have with swords and weapons in general?”
“Um.” I glanced down at the saber in my hand. “Thirty seconds?”
He smiled, that calm, irritatingly confident smirk. “You’re not going to hit me.”   

As a side note. Finding pictures of Dan when he does not have cat whiskers drawn on his face or eating a banana seductively is hard. Those seem to be the two videos people like to screen cap the most. So I stole pictures off of Dan's facebook.  Yay for being stalkerish! haha.

If you are wondering who he is, here is his latest video he posted on his channel.


  1. ha haaaa :)))) judging by those pictures this should be really fun. I'm checking it out now, thanks for sharing ;))

    Happy midnight reading!

    1. I have literally watched about 9 hours worth of Dan's videos in the last 3 days. He has so many different youtube channels. All of which are amazing. So have fun!

  2. Interesting pick for Ash! I've never seen this guys videos before. I love the quotes you choose. I love when Ash teachers her sword fighting. Your not gonna hit me! LOL And I love when he promised to be her knight! Makes me want to read them all over again!
    Here's My Book Boyfriend

  3. Okay, I'm old because I'd never heard of Dan before, but I'm loving his accent.

    I love the Winter Prince. He stole my heart from the first time he told Megan he'd kill her. LOL

    1. Lol just because you don't know Dan doesn't mean you are old. It just means I'm a nerd for knowing who he is. Haha.

  4. I adore Ash! Those quotes are amazing. I haven't heard of Dan, but I'll check him out. Love the goofy t-shirt!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  5. I've heard so many great things about Ash. I will be checking him out very soon!

    Katrina @ Kindred Dreamheart

  6. Ash is the best MBB. I loved him in books 1-3 but am holding off on reading the last one,I don't want it to end. :(

  7. I really love Ash, lol! but I can´t picture him like... him!
    Anyway that guy looks cool!

  8. Oh I need to read The Iron Fey series - Ash sounds dreamy. That first quote alone is enough to have me swoon. I like your choice as well - lovely smile! :-)

  9. OH I could love Ash forever and wouldn't be enough <3 <3 Awesome pick! This guy is amazing <3 <3

  10. Love your pick! He would be a great Ash - super cute! :)

    Here's mine:


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