Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today I did a guest post over at The Unread Reader and I showed one of my paintings. In the comments someone asked to see some of my other paintings and so I am. Here are some of the paintings I've done in the last few years.

 Charcoal sketch of a Jack Vetriano painting. This was a homework assignment.

One side of my bookcase. Cover of Just One Wish by Janette Rallison

 Other side of bookcase. Cover of Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

My bedroom door. I needed a way to hide the kitty door. 

 Other side of my door. Will and Tessa's first kiss

 Class assignment. It's Hagrid's Cabin.

 Painting of one of my childhood dogs.

 This was a Christmas gift to my sister. My family mostly gets paintings for all their gifts from me.

 Top of my bookcase. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Redo of Jack Vetriano's "Singing Butler." This one I've done twice now. I love Jack's work.

Slice of Cherry by Dia Reeves. It went with my Alice in Wonderland themed bedroom.

The Twilight covers combined. I've done this one 4 different times and in different colors. I end up selling this one almost every time.

Yup. So that is just a handful of some of the paintings I've done in the last few years. They are all done in acrylic paint. I'm saving up so I can learn how to paint in oils next. And I do do commission paintings just fyi. haha ;)


  1. Wow... you are kind of amazing! It's like a magical talent, being able to recreate book covers, especially with all of the amazing ones out there... *dreaming of an Hourglass painting* I am in awe of your artistic abilities. I can barely color within the lines!

  2. Holy crap, girl! I didn't know you painted. These are amazing. I'm uber impressed. I love Jack Vetriano too, btw.

  3. Wow, you're very talented. I think drawing and painting are such amazing skills. You've got both in spades. Thanks for sharing!


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