Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games Movie Review

The Hunger Games
Staring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth
Directed by Gary Ross
In theaters now

My thoughts:
It is 3:27am and I just got home from seeing The Hunger Games. I can say this with complete and utter honesty: it is the best book to movie adaptation there has ever been. Completely worth the forever long wait.

My reaction when the movie finished:
*sits in stunned silence* Omg....O.M.G....OH MY FREAKING GOSH!!!!! BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!

That was my actual reaction at the end of the movie. I have never seen a book turned into a movie and actually be as good as the book. I always have complaints coming out of movies based on my favorite books. I always think "that's not how they did it in the book!!!!!!" and get all annoyed about the change. That did not happen to me at all during this film. I was just as shocked and horrified seeing it as I was reading about it. It made me smile, it definitely made me cry, and of course there was lots of "awww"ing as well.

The actors:
Remember how everyone was upset when Josh was cast as Peeta? Well don't be sad. He wasn't playing Peeta, he was Peeta. Josh did such a great job with the role. And Jennifer as Katniss was amazing as well. They didn't look like they were constipated and had something in their eyes the whole movie like some other certain book to movie adaptations... (yes yes, I'm talking about Twilight). They actually knew how to do all the right facial expressions and have all the right emotions. The actors were chosen for their talent (and they actually have some! Yay!) and not their looks.

The only thing that was a little off about this movie was the camera. It shakes. A lot. Constantly. The camera is always moving and that was a little hard to handle at times, but it was perfect for the mood of the movie.

Now to wait for Catching Fire.

p.s. anyone else notice how they snuck Nicholas Hoult into the movie? Yay for Jennifer sticking her boyfriend into her movie. Haha.


  1. I'm so glad they did a great job. I've been on the fence about seeing it, but I may have to take the plunge now!

  2. 3rd review today, I want to watch this even though I wasn't a fan like everyone else.

    Someone else said the shaking added to the movie for them. Glad you enjoyed, Loved it.

  3. I just got back from seeing this. I completely agree about the actors. I thought everyone did a great job.
    But also, that's so true about the camera. I thought I might throw up initially. Even my husband got a headache watching it, and that sort of thing usually doesn't bother him.

    1. At the beginning of the movie it's really bad. I was dizzy for a few minutes and decided to try and not focus on the movie. I ended up getting used to it by the end of the movie.

  4. Another terrific review! I just need to get to the theatre!

  5. What? I saw THG twice, and I don't remember seeing Nicholas Hoult? Gah!!

    What scene? LOL


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