Thursday, July 22, 2010

When I'm not reading

When I'm not reading is a weekly meme hosted by the Unread Reader.

When I'm not reading, I'm at concerts. Music has been a big passion of mine for years and concerts are the biggest high I think a person can have. Last nights concert was Adam Lamberts at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland OR.

The really cool thing about the Crystal Ballroom is that it was built in 1914 and held dance competitions all the time. They built the floor with springs in it. Yes, springs! So when you are on the 3rd floor and the whole concert starts jumping, the floor jumps with you. This is a big reason why it's my all time favorite concert hall. Jumping floors = priceless.

So anywho, the concert was last night. While waiting in the line that wrapped around the building twice, Adam came out, signed stuff, took pictures. Unfortunately, I was on the wrong side of the building. *sigh.* The thing I love about Adam, is that middle aged women turn into 12 year old fan girls around him. It's hysterical. Most of the sold out crowd was middle aged women. To make a long story short, I MET ADAM LAMBERT!!!! After the show, Adam came back out and signed autographs for the fans. I was too lame to ask him for a picture though. He kinda makes me speechless :)

I won't lie, I'm madly in love with him. haha. This is Adam when he was signing stuff after the show. He was about 6 inches away from me and I was freaking out.

This is my signed ticket. I wish I would have bought the poster for him to sign, but I ran out of money. :)

What does everyone else do while not reading?


  1. Cool! I don't know much about Adam, I do hear about him in entertain news. When I am not reading, I spend with my boys. My husband and son :)

  2. so awesome that you met adam lambert! great pic, too!


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