Thursday, July 8, 2010

Books to movies

Okay, so by now I'm sure everyone has heard of/seen/possibly even read the classic books that are being released with vampire/zombie/sea monsters in them. Like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Sense and Sensability and Sea Monsters, Romeo and Juliet and Vampires and this list could go on.

Well did you know that some of these are being turned into movies? Yeah...movies.

Here is some upcoming books to movies.
*Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (being produced by Tim Burton)
*Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Has Natalie Portman in it)
*House of Night
*Vampire Academy
*Breaking Dawn parts 1 & 2
*The Host (Looks like all of Stephenie's books are going to be movies)
*The Hunger Games
*Bronze Horseman
*Wings (Miley Cyrus as Laurel?)
*Beautiful Creatures
*Forest of Hands and Teeth
*Maximum Ride

There are also rumors that Tim Burton is going to be remaking Wizard of Oz and that it's going to have Angelina Jolie as the Wicked Witch. I'm hoping this is truly just a rumor.

The ones with * next to them have been confirmed. All of these have pages on but most are still just showing up for people with IMDB pro.

Hope everyone wants to watch lots of vampire movies next year. haha.


  1. Hi! I'm visiting because of the blog hop. Great place!

    I'm a follower.

    I'll be hanging around awhile.

    VampAngel's Dilemma: To Read or Not To Read It? That is The Question

  2. The Hunger Games!!!! No freaking way!!! WOW!!!

    I can't wait to see who they cast! This is a great post. Thanks for the FYI! Lots of surprises here!

  3. Dang, I just check out the IMDB for more info... nothing on THG yet. If Hollywood effs this one up, I will be devastated. I love this book so much!

    It will be funny to see PPZ. I hope it stays close to the book. I'm sure it will amuse me to no end to see Natalie Portman balancing herself on her forefinger.

  4. is a good site for movie info and all things Hunger Games. I do have to agree that Alexandra Daddario would be perfect for Katniss. Suzanne Collins is writing the screen play so I doubt this movie will be messed up. Just as long as they cast right.

    I really need to read PPZ but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

  5. Hehehe Tim Burton on Abraham Lincoln. That made my day ^_^


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