Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Hunger Games Cast

Well I had a lot of fun doing my VA cast pick, so I decided to do one for Hunger Games.

Alexandra Daddario as Katniss

I know she was Annabeth in Percy Jackson, but she is not my Annabeth. She is my Katniss. I think she is absolutely perfect for this role. Gray eyes, dark hair, knows how to fight. She's perfect. She even used a bow and arrow in PJ.

Jeremy Sumpter as Peeta

Everyone seems to want Alex Pettyfer as Peeta, but Alex will always be my Jace Wayland and no one else. Jeremy has the cute boy next door look that you can't help but adore. He is perfect for the sweet and innocent Peeta.

Skandar Keynes as Gale
Gale needs to be tall, skinny, dark hair, a fighter, yet someone who obviously cares a lot about his family. That's Skandar. I don't think any of the cast should be hollywood gorgeous, it just doesn't fit.

Robert Downey Jr as Haymitch

I think this picture says it all.

Elle Fanning as Prim
umm yeah, she just looks right.

Ariel Winter as Rue

This is pretty much how I image Rue looking like. Just with more ringlets and a little shorter hair.

Miranda Richardson as Effie

hahaha oh I think this picture is perfect. Just make the hair pink and that's Effie. If Miranda can't be Effie then I'd go with Kristen Chenowith

Adam Gregory as Finnick

ok ok, I know Finnick isn't in Hunger Games, but I think this guy is perfect for the role. He seems to be someone that people want as Gale too and I can see that as well. He'd actually make a great Gale...

Normally I'm not a huge fan of fan made trailers, but this one is really good. Here is the link to the youtube page for it because it doesn't fit right on my page.


  1. I love the casting for Katniss and Peeta especially. I agree (obviously) about Alex Pettyfer being only ever Jace to me. Plus, like you mentioned, Peeta is supposed to be sweet and innocent. Alex just does not evoke that for me.

    Of the two choices for Gale, I like the second...I've never heard of that actor, though.

  2. Good cast she looks like she'd make a pretty good Katniss.

  3. Hi there. I found you on the blog hop and stopped in to look around and say hello. Nice blog you have here!

  4. i absolutely agree with u!!!
    omg they are perfect!


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