Friday, August 31, 2012

Review: Blood Fever

Blood Fever by Veronica Wolff
Series: Isle of Night #3
Published by NAL
Genre: YA paranormal
$9.99 (US paperback)
272 pages
 What it's about:

It’s the start of the fall semester, and a new crop of Acari and Trainees have descended on the Isle of Night. Watcher training has intensified, and Drew has a new roommate named Mei-Ling. But Mei-Ling harbors a dangerous secret that drove the vampires to abduct her against her will. Drew knows she shouldn’t get involved, but she can’t seem to leave her roommate to fend for herself.

Luckily, Drew has other things on her mind—like vampire Carden. A blood bond to a brawny, eighteenth-century Scottish bad boy tends to preoccupy a girl. And though she’s still figuring out what this bond means, one thing has become clear: She craves him in a major way.

But then bodies start turning up on the island. All the evidence points to the existence of a rogue vampire, and the sinister vampire Alcántara is gunning for Carden, even though Drew has proof that Carden had nothing to do with the murders. Now she has to find the true killer—without endangering Carden, Mei-Ling, or herself…

My thoughts:
This is a series that I'm surprised isn't more popular. I don't think I've ever seen reviews for any of the books in this series before (in the blogging world, not on Goodreads), it's not sold in most bookstores, and is all around hard to find. I wouldn't have known about this series if it wasn't for Goodreads and their recommendations page. Thank goodness for Goodreads, because I LOVE this series. It's like if the Hunger Games were held at a all girls boarding school and vampires were the game makers. It's just that good.
The second I get my hands on these books, I start reading them and don't put them down until I've finished them. I like seeing Drew try and figure out people and their actions because she is so book smart and it makes her so people stupid. I find it fascinating. The relationships she has with the other people on the island is always shifting and so complicated and I never really know what is going to happen next.
Because of the things that happened at the end of book 2, Blood Fever has almost a completely different feel to it. We get to see a whole new side to Drew, the sappy side! Yup, she is falling in love and I really hate to say it, but it was insta-love. This normally bugs me and I did notice how cheesey some of the dialogue was in this (Carden had some cheesetastic lines that had me rolling my eyes), yet I was rooting for Drew. I would love to see her character have some happiness.
I'm excited about the different feel of the book and the turns that have been taken. I can't wait to see what happens next on the Isle of Night and can't believe I have to wait till June 2013 to find out what will happen.
My rating: 8/10


  1. Ugh! Now I'm reconsidering reading this series! So many books, I tell ya!

  2. I've never heard of this series. I'm going to go add to my TBR list. It's rare to find a series that's still good 3 books in.


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