Monday, September 3, 2012

Book Blogger Confessions

Book Blogger Confessions is a meme hosted on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month and is hosted by For What It's Worth

Question: Following: How do you follow blogs? Do you use Google Reader? Are you on an e-mail list? Are you more apt to follow people who have less followers? Would you follow a blog to enter a contest? What makes you unfollow a blog?

I follow blogs using Google Friend Connect. I love how GFC will show me which blogs I'm already following and will automatically sign me in when I go to comment. The blogs that I have to personally type in all my info (name, email, blog url) are blogs that I will probably not comment on. Too much effort. Same with blogs that use the captcha. If I have to guess at what that mess of letters is, I won't comment.

I also love how GFC and blogger have a giant scroll list of all the newest posts from the blogs I follow. I just have to scroll through, see which posts pop out at me and I will then go look at them. I like having all the blogs I follow in one list. I'm too lazy for anything else.

When it comes to following, I will follow all the blogs that follow me when I do the follow hops. Then when I come across blogs I like I will follow them. I don't seem to follow the bigger blogs nearly as much as I follow the newer ones with less followers. They are the ones that are still really excited about blogging and it shows. But since I'm almost at 3 years of blogging (the 25th of this month will be my blogaversary) and I've found abotu 15 blogs I like and that like my blog back and I tend to mostly pay attention to those ones. I do still comment on the other blogs I follow, I just don't go to their blogs nearly as much.

There has only been a few times that I have unfollowed a blog. Once when a blog had been hacked and was posting non-stop spam. Then a few times when the blogs switched from book blogs to other things, health blogs, political blogs, ect. I don't really unfollow blogs.


  1. Your right - the newer bloggers still have that enthusiasm. I'm not really looking for a perfect blog - just an honest, fun blog.

  2. Captcha can be really annoying! I will try it once but, if I am unsuccessful, I leave without commenting. What makes me really curious is those blogs that have Captcha and then still hold the comment back for approval. I wonder what sort of problems they have had with spam or if they are young children.

    For me, GFC is just a start. There are many interesting blogs that don't offer that option for following. I do all my blog following through Google Reader so that I can include those blogs too.

  3. I took off my captcha a long time ago. I agree that it can be difficult. You really advocated GFC positively, I may have to give it a shot!

  4. Happy almost blogevesary! My 3 year blogeversary is the 16th of this month! Is it weird that I still think of myself as kind of new to blogging? Maybe because I don't have lots of followers and the mailman has never had to bring a wheelbarrow load of books that publishers are clamoring for me to mention on my blog... lol

    CAPTCHA is the devil.

  5. I am totaly with you on the laziness front! I won't comment if it's too much work. CAPTCHA is evil and some wordpress blogs require too much info each time so I don't bother commenting.

    Congrats on 3 years!

  6. Yep, captcha is evil. I'll still comment if people have it but I wish they didn't.


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