Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Review: Endlessly

Endlessly by Kiersten White
Series: Paranormalcy #3
Published by Harper Teen
Genre: YA paranormal
$17.99 (US hardback)
385 pages

What it's about:
Evie's paranormal past keeps coming back to haunt her. A new director at the International Paranormal Containment Agency wants to drag her back to headquarters. The Dark Faerie Queen is torturing humans in her poisonous realm. And supernatural creatures keep insisting that Evie is the only one who can save them from a mysterious, perilous fate.
The clock is ticking on the entire paranormal world. And its fate rests solely in Evie's hands.

So much for normal. 

My thoughts:

This series went downhill for me. I loved loved loved Paranormalcy. I couldn't sing more praises for that book, but then Supernaturally came along and I wasn't madly in love with that book, and now that I've read Endlessly and the trilogy is over, I'm not madly in love with it.

The thing I adore about this series and that has never changed through all the books, is the voice. Kiersten White created one of the most fun and unique voices that I have ever read in a series. I'd be able to tell the difference between a Kiersten White book from any other easily without being told it was her book. She is able to create a cute and hilarious voice without being cheesey and lame. After watching a few of her vlogs and reading her blog, I fully understand why the voice in her books is so fantastic. She just seems like such a cool person.

I don't know if I can exactly pinpoint what it was about Endlessly that I didn't like as much as I loved Paranormalcy. Maybe it was that everything seemed a little too easy? Maybe it was the fact that the ending was lesss than satisfactory? (Really Kiersten, no epilogue???), or maybe it was just the fact that it was the 3rd book in a series and lately I've only been wanting to start new series. Who knows, there was just something. Don't get me wrong, I still really enjoyed it and finished it in a few days (which is actually kinda a long time for me) I just can't say I loved it.

My rating: 8/10

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  1. I've yet to read the first one but I've heard they sort of go down hill. So sad. :(


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