Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I need to go on a rant

Today I went through my books so I could trade some in at this bookstore I've just learned about. I had them order some books for me and wanted the trade to make the books cheaper. So I traded in my mass market copy of Who Censored Roger Rabbit. I bought it a few years back for $1 on Amazon and didn't think it'd be worth much. The guy gave me $6 and said that it sells for around $12-$15 online now. I thought, "yay! That is super cool! And that's cool he was honest with me on how it is worth a little more than I thought."

I got home a few hours back, and just now decided to google the book, see how much it's selling for. It's selling for $75 at the cheapest, $358 at the most expensive. To say I'm a little angry I sold it back is an understatement.

Anyone else ever had something like this happen? Sell something for cheap just to find out that it's actually worth a lot more?


  1. Oh, man. I've never had that happen but I would be so pissed! I'm sorry, that really sucks!

    1. Who would have thought that in a few short years, a book could go from practically worthless to worth a lot of money? From now on, when I sell back my old paperbacks, I'll be checking prices online first.


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