Friday, December 24, 2010

Alphabet book title game

I love love love doing book games. I've done a few on here before and I've been trying to think of more to do. Well someone suggested that I do the always famous Alphabet game and use book titles. I'm going to try and do books that I've read this year or have reviewed on this blog. But I might not have those, so in some cases I'll do ones I've read before or that I know of.

A- Angelfire
B- Bloodthirsty
C- Clockwork Angel
D- Deadly Little Secret
E- Everlasting
F- Firelight
G- Glimmerglass
H- Hex Hall
I- Iron King
J- Jealousy
K- Kiss of Death
L- Linger
M- Meridian
N- Nevermore
O- One Foot in the Grave
P- Paranormalcy
Q- Queen of the Dead
R- Ruined
S- Shade
T- Torched
U- Uglies
V- Vampire Academy
W- Wicked Girls
Y- You Wish

 I can't think of a single thing to put for X and Z!

1 comment:

  1. I read 'Zelah Green: Queen of Clean" that could be a Z!

    cool idea though. Merry Christmas :D


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