Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Book Boyfriend-- Varen!

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader. Each week, you write a post about a boy in a book that makes you swoon. Post everything you can about him, what he looks like, who you'd pick to play him in a movie, and favorite quotes from his book. Then post your link over at missie's blog and go comment on other posts!

I just finished reading Nevermore by Kelly Creagh for the second time and I still love Varen! This is why I'm picking him this week.

About Varen:
“He turned his head and caught her with his eyes.

She froze, locked by the intensity of his stare. His eyes were stark and cold, the concentrated green of pale jade. Outlined in smudged black kohl, those eyes focused on her, unblinking through the feathery strands of his jet black hair, and it was like being watched through a cage by a complacent and calculating cat.
Discomfort welled in her, thick and black as an oil spring. Who was this guy and what was his royal problem? Her gaze flicked briefly to the small metal loop that hugged one corner of his bottom lip.
He blinked once, then slowly lifted one hand and crooked a beckoning finger at her.
Isobel hesitated but then as though spellbound to obey, she found herself leaning in.
“What are you staring at?” he whispered.”

*Besides having Jade green eyes, black hair that is always covering one of his eyes, and wearing guyliner, he also always wears all black with a green coat with and sewn band logos all over it.

*Is obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe
*Drives a super cool car
*Has an intense stare
*Writes with dark purple ink and has very elegant handwriting
*He is dark and mysterious, and that makes him uber hott.

Who I picture him looking like:
I kind of picture him looking like a dark haired Luke Worrall. There aren't many...lets just say "clean" photos of Luke with dark hair. Works though cause Varen is originally a blonde.

“In love. In love with the stoic, the sullen, the eternally morose Varen Nethers?
He would never allow it.”

“Hands quivering, she reached toward him.
"Don't." He turned his back to her, facing the door.
That word had stopped her once before. But not now. Not now that she had glimpsed through the funeral front of Varen's own eternal Grim Facade. Despite all the dark armor, the kohl eye liner, the black boots and chains, she saw him clearly now. She peered through the curtain of that cruel calmness, through the death stare and the vampire sentiments and angst and, behind it all, had found true beauty.”

“You're really a blond," she said, her tone just short of accusatory.
"And if you tell anyone, I will come to you in the night and smote your everlasting soul.”


  1. No clean photos? And what exactly is wrong with, um, unclean photos?! ;-)
    He sounds very broody, nice pick!

  2. Haha when I say no clean photos, I mean, no clean photos. Let's just say that hopefully Luke has learned why people don't skype naked.

  3. Ahh Varen! I fell in love with him too. I thought he was wonderful.


  4. Oh how I miss Varen, but the next book should be out soon enough (I hope)
    I might prefer your Varen with his natural hair but judging by the last 2 pictures I don't really know ;))

  5. It's like you're daring me to goggle the unclean pics. :P

    I didn't know Varen was really a blond. Perfect casting.

  6. So, I totally had to google him to find the "unclean" pics. When I did my pick this week, I couldn't find any "unclean" pics at all...and I searched for them. LOL!

    I really must read this book, it's one I've wanted to for some time.

  7. lol now I really wanna go find the dirty pics...ahah...I can't decide if I really like the blonde look though..its a little forced..Black on the other hand...wooooo :)

  8. Varen! we've been meaning to do an MBB about him over at PiF. I like your pick for him, though. :D

    Here's PiF's

  9. I have heard nothing but good things about this book, and Varen! lol. I love your quotes, they're so perfect! :) great choice for this weeks boyfriend! My Book Boyfriend post was a bit late but check it out if you have time! :)

  10. Varen is one of my all time favs! Great pick! Love the pics of him as a blonde!

  11. Just finished the last book in the trilogy (oblivion) and i am in LOVE, not only with the plot but of course Varen. Can i say i also have some affection towards pinfeathers? He is a part of the lovely Varen anyways <3 Agh, so sad it has come to an end, but i love Varen!


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