Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Have 38 minutes to spare and need a good laugh?

This isn't book related at all, and a little random, but I've noticed lately that everyone is stressed out. If you're in school, it's that horrible time of the term, yup, midterms. If not in school, it's now the holiday season and that's stressful as well. Best way to cure stress? Laughter. So here is a video compilation of Scenes From A Hat from Whose Line Is It Anyways. It's 38 minutes long of pure laughter.


The video I originally wanted to post (but youtube wouldn't allow me) is this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mR2I4ZoqpMI&feature=related&fb_source=message

I thought of another really funny whose line clip to post.

Not enough laughter? Here is a blog that has every episode of Whose Line ever filmed on it (both the English and American shows). Watch This!


  1. I don't have time to watch. :( I absolutely LOVE this show, though. So funny.

  2. Totally saving this to watch later. Thanks! :D

  3. I love this show too. My favorite skit that they do is "Sound Effects" when they get two people from the audience to do the sound effects for Ryan and Collin. I always laugh soooo hard when they do that skit.


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