Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Book Boyfriend-- Lord Denbury

My book boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader.

This week I read Darker Still by Leanna Renee Hieber, and just like all the females in the book, I fell madly in love with Lord Denbury aka Jonathan. So much so that I made sure to mark down some of my favorite passages of his specifically for this book while I was reading.

About Lord Denbury:
*Is 18
*Lives in England during 1880
*Wants to be a doctor
*Every woman who sees him falls madly in love with him. He's just that charming and hott.
*His soul is stuck in a painting.
*tall, with dark hair

Who I picture him looking like:
While I've always said that Adam Gregory (actor, not singer) is my perfect Finnick, it's still true but now I also love him as Lord Denbury. He is just so....swoony.

 I'm convinced he has one of the  most gorgeous smiles. Love it :)

He pulled off the imaginable. He's so hott he can make a school photo look good. Why did guys not look like this at my High School????

"Seeing him again was every bit as breathtaking as the first time. Would it always be so? The hairs on my neck stood, I blushed, and my breath was short. He was so exquisitely rendered that his presence was truly felt.  His luminous eyes set a claim on those who looked at him. The painting had a seductive quality that made the rest of the world drain away. When one looked at Lord Denbury, nothing else existed."

"You are absolutely, unequivocally, incredibly brilliant, my beautiful, exquisite, Miss Stewart! he cried, and lowered me again. In that moment, time slowed. The way his head was tilted, and mine...and then his lips met mine. How can I begin to describe...explain...rhapsodize about this single most glorious moment of all my life? I am not being overdramatic. For once. He tasted of a hint of bergamot, residue of his favorite Earl Grey tea upon his lips. This scent would compel me, surely, for the rest of my days. His lips, soft and full, gently shifted to cover mine, to leave no part of my mouth untouched. He was reverent and gentle, and the press of his lips was followed by the press of his lips was followed by the press of his hands, slowly closing over my shoulders and anchoring me to him. He tasted my tongue with his, and his fingertips danced across my collarbone, shifting the lace ruffles of my dress as his hands quested, perhaps still hoping for confirmation that I was real."

Long quotes but I adored them while reading them and had to pass them on. :)


  1. I do love a Lord. Awesome. I like Adam Gregory, he's swoony (like you said).

  2. His soul is stuck in a painting? Interesting. Kinda like Dorian Grey?
    Adam Gregory is so, so pretty.

  3. Oh, my.. I want to take him home ;))

  4. heh....he sounds like my kind of book boyfriend...*drools*

    Here's PiF's

  5. Throughout the time I've been reading DARKER STILL I keep imagining Ben Barnes as Denbury! And I refuse to believe i has anything to do with me having a HUGE crush on him.

    That last Adam Greggory photo is smoking'.

  6. "and just like all the females in the book, I fell madly in love with Lord Denbury"


    Ariel! You sure do know how to pick them. Adam Greggory is rather breathtaking so yes, he'd be a great Lord Denbury. I haven't read Darker Still yet, but I've been hearing great things about it, and now I see why!

  7. I'm reading Darker Still right now, I can totally picture him as Lord Denbury, perfect choice and I love the pictures with the tattoos *fans self*

    My book boyfriend

  8. bahahah! I agree with missie! You've got excellent taste in book boyfriends :)I love the last quote :) Totally perfect!

  9. I love me some Adam Gregory! I want to read this book so much and you have made me want even more with this post. Lord Denbury sounds original and so much fun. Great post!

  10. I haven't read this one yet. Sounds like a good one!

    Reading Lark's Book Boyfriend


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