Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top 10 Favorite Bad Guys

I've done posts for my ten favorite boys and my favorite girls. Now it's time for my favorite bad guys! Once again, these aren't in any real order. Just whoever popped into my mind first.
**Note** this does contain a spoiler. If you haven't read the Fablehaven series and want to, I'd recommend not reading this.

1. Voldemort:
I think this guy makes it onto everyones favorite bad guy list. How can he not?

2. Valentine (Mortal Instruments):
This guy is a fantastic bad guy cause he honestly doesn't see himself as one. He turns his children into demons or kills them and doesn't think twice about it. WTF? I also love this bad guy because he seems real because once he was a friend, husband, father before he went coo-coo.

3. Al (The Hollows):
Oh Al. This one is a weird one cause I absolutely love his character. He can be whatever he wants, do whatever he wants, and what he wants to do is make Rachel's life hell. Yet at the same time, he always seems to help Rachel.

4. The Capitol (Hunger Games):
These people are nuts! They enjoy watching kids kill each other in a crazy game.

5. Vampires from Morganville (Morganville Vampires):
Okay, so they are good and bad, but I love them! They are the scary monsters you love to hate.

6. Zombies from the Night Huntress:
These things are so scary that they terrified the most powerful vampires ever. Damnnnn.

7. Sphinx (Fablehaven):
This gives away big spoilers so I'm sorry about that. But he was the perfect bad guy cause you had no idea he was a bad guy and that he was running everything. Frienemy is the best term for him.

8. Luke (Percy Jackson):
Best friend turned enemy. I just really love his character, especially in the movie.

9. Pinfeathers (Nevermore):
This summer I saw a Lion King production in Animal Kingdom and they had people dress up like monkeys and do gymnastics. Well that's how I imagine Pinfeathers to look like even though that's not at all how he is described. I loved how he was a type of devil on your shoulder.

10. Queen of Hearts (Alice In Wonderland):
She's the freaking queen of hearts! How can you not love her?


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