Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Harry Potter posters

Is everyone else really enjoying all the new Harry Potter posters that are coming out? It seems like every day the HP movie fanpage on Facebook is posting links to new posters. I can't wait to get my hands on some of these posters.

Just in case everyone hasn't seen them, here they are along with links.

Mugglenet has two new posters that are pretty awesome. One is Snape and one is

Voldemort. Link: The Hunt Begins

7 new ones of just the characters faces. (I'm dying to get my hands on that Harry poster!!) Link: Gah!!

There are 4 posters in this link. All of which are amazing. Link: Nowhere is safe

And these are my sister's personal favorites. Dan, Rupert, and Emma did posters for the library. Link to view FB of them: READ    Link: link to buy

If you haven't "liked" the HP movie page yet, you should! They post lots of great stuff there. Right now they have tons of new pictures from the upcoming movies. My favorite is the 7 Harry's picture. Why are some of them wearing skirts?? haha
Here is a link to the FB page: Facebook page


  1. I love these! And I am so going to buy all of their READ posters-that's awesome! :D

  2. Wow love them! Now I'm just more excited!!


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