Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blast from the past: Replica

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the books I used to love. The ones that got me addicted to reading. I'm going to start doing a weekly thing (hopefully) show casing a book I used to love. I'm going to call it "Blast from the past"

Amy, Number Seven  by Marilyn Kaye
published by Skylark
Genre: Mid grad
208 pages

What it's about:
Amy Candler knows she's different. In fact, she's perfect—a perfect twelve-year-old.

Overnight, she can see and hear things from awesome distances; she can tumble, twist, and turn like a top gymnast; and she knows the answer to every question her teachers ask.
But Amy doesn't have the answer to the mystery of her past.

All she knows is that her recurring nightmare seems very real.

That her crescent-shaped birthmark wasn't there yesterday.

That a stranger is taking photos of her.

That her mother is acting weird.

That someone is sending her anonymous warnings to keep her talents a secret.

Slowly Amy is piecing together her identity, but she'd better hurry.

When I read it:
I used to be addicted to this series when I was about 11-13 I believe. Me and my best friend both owned all of the books (up to #12 cause that was the last one out while we were reading them. It now goes to #24). I used to love it cause you had a weird secret from the mother, a awesome best friend, and of course the major crush. That was everything I wanted in a series.

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