Sunday, October 31, 2010

Anyone Watch Extreme Makeover?

Anyone watch Extreme Makeover tonight? They were at the Oregon School of the Deaf. Every year OSD does a haunted house and this year Extreme makeover redid the dorms and the Nightmare Factory (the name of the haunted house).

I live less than five minutes away from OSD and my parents have been taking me and my sister to the Nightmare factory since we were little. This year I went with a big group of people because I had to for my ASL class I'm taking. Let me tell you, E.M.O. did a FANTASTIC job redoing the Nightmare Factory. I was so scared the whole time. I ended up bruising my sister's hand cause I was holding on so hard.

They redid the haunted house so well that over 30,000 people have shown up for it. Not surprising cause the night I went the line was over 2 hours long. I got the VIP pass and was able to cut to the front. Yay!

This place is doing so well this year that they have added on a few extra days. It'll be going all next weekend too. so if you live anywhere near Salem Oregon, make sure to go to the Nightmare Factory. It'll scare the pants right off of you, but it'll be worth it.

Yes, that's right, I'm promoting a haunted house. I've recently started taking ASL and adore it, so I'm going to promote the OSD haunted house.
Anywho, Happy Halloween! I'll end this post with a picture of my pumpkin that I carved.


  1. I did see the show and it looked awesome! I think it is such a cool idea for a fundraiser to keep the school going.

  2. I saw the show, and I live 'nearby', but Haunted Houses always scare the **** out of me! I HATE people jumping out at me - and if there's anything medical (needles/syringes), even in a normal setting, I'm on the floor. Glad you (and 30,000+ others) enjoyed it though!


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