Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ahhh!!! I just finished the Lost Hero

It is currently 1:55am where I'm at, and I just finished The Lost Hero.


I really am freaking out about the whole freaking book. Has anyone else finished it yet? Because I believe a massive in depth conversation is in need.

Oh.My.Gods. That's all my mind is thinking after finishing the book.

BTW all Oregonians and some Washington peeps, Rick Riordan is going to be at the Powell's in Beaverton on Tuesday at 7pm to talk about The Lost Hero. Poor Rick, I'm probably going to go crazy fan girl on him. It shall be fun. This is what I'm probably going to look like at the signing...

Uh, I'll probably post my review for this book tomorrow. It's going to be shoving it's way to the top of my reviews to post list. But as of right now, it's bed time!

Comments do have HUGE spoilers in it. Don't read the comments unless you have finished the book!!!


  1. i just finished! its like the best book ever!
    i cant wait for the next! it had a really good ending! I LOVED IT!!!!1

  2. I give the book 4 and a half stars because it went a little to fast through the details and made a good attempt (only good) at listing the enemys of the heros. i do like how the two camps have to work togather in killing the giants and putting gaea back to full rest. that will be interesting, an i like how percy and jason where switched in camps. i wonder what happened with percy?, but i hope he hasnt fallen back in love because annabeth would be heart broken.

  3. p.s. these two comments where both listed by me

  4. p.s. i saw on the 100 book challange was gone. THAT BOOK TOTALLY ROCKS! plus, my name is Sam too that that makes it cool for me.


  6. I'm going to be sooooo upset if Percy falls in love with someone else while his memory is gone. Just like Jason is doing.
    I also love how the new demigods have different god parents so we get to see more of the others.


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