Thursday, September 2, 2010

Top 10 favorite girls in books

A while back I did my favorite 10 boyfriends in books (can be found here). Now it's time to talk about my favorite leading ladies!
These will be in no order. Just whatever came to my head first.

1. Rose from Vampire Academy
She is one of the strongest leading ladies ever. I absolutely love it. She's not an idiot in anyway. She never really makes stupid choices, she's loyal beyond belief, and she kicks butt. Yes she does have anger issues, but living her life, how could you not?

2. Clarey from Mortal Instruments
Clarey never takes no for an answer. She's emotional and she never really thinks before she acts. That is actually a good thing in her case. Clarey knows what she wants and goes for it.

3. Katniss from Hunger Games
Katniss goes into the hunger games to save her sister. If that doesn't make someone completely awesome, I don't know what does.

4. Hermione from Harry Potter
She's Hermione! What isn't awesome about her?

5. Cat from Night Huntress
Half human, half vampire, Cat can kick your ass. She lives in both worlds and has the best of both of them. Vampire speed and strength, human appetite and emotions. She can be an idiot sometimes (like leaving Bones for 4 years, what's up with that???) but she does what she thinks is right.

6. Rachel from the Hollows
Rachel seems to get herself into all kinds of trouble. Always doing what she really shouldn't be doing. Yet you can't help but love her. She followers her heart and not her head.

7.Claire from Morganville Vampires
Claire is insanely smart. She goes to college at a very young age and is smarter than almost everyone there. Everyone in Morganville is scared of vampires, but Claire comes along and after a few short months, she has the vampires wrapped around her finger and is practically running the town. There really isn't anything that girl can't do.

8.Tatiana from the Bronze Horseman
Tatiana risks everything for the person she loves. She manages to survive winter in Leningrad during WWII, sneaking into America, breaking her husband out of a German POW camp, and then surviving all the crap that comes after that. She's one tough girl.

9.Annabeth from Percy Jackson
Intelligent, strong, and brave. She goes through a lot being friends with Percy and she comes out on top.

10. Grace from Shiver
I don't know why I love her so much, I just do.

Runners up:
Eugenie from the Dark Swan series
Madison from the Madison Avery series
Kendra from Fablehaven

Who is everyones favorite females? Have a post about it? Post the link! I'd love to read who were your picks.


  1. Great list! I also really like Chloe from the darkest powers series!

  2. Awesome list! There are a few girls on your list that would definitely make my list too!

  3. Great list!!! Katniss and Claire are favorites of mine too!

  4. I've never heard of The Bronze Horseman so I am DEFINITELY checking that out. Sounds amazing! And I really need to read Vampire Academy--I keep hearing about this Rose character and I need some kick-assery in my life.

    And of course Katniss has to be there! She's so tough and smart. I really need to read Mockingjay.

    Great list!

  5. Nice picks! I have not read Bronze Horseman or Morganville Vampires but plan to now. :)

  6. HElls yeah, i agree with these all!!!!!!!

  7. I love lists like these! Rose is my top choice (and Katniss is also on my top list). I just finished Robin Benway's "The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May and June" and while I loved each sister's "voice," May had me cracking up with all of her sarcasm and snark.


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