Sunday, September 5, 2010

ARC Review: The Frenzy

The Frenzy by Francesca Lia Block
published by Harper Teen
$16.99 (hardback)
Genre: YA
272 pages
Release date: Sep 28, 2010
FTC: I received this from the publisher. I will not be compensated for this review.

What it's about:
Something terrifying happened to Live when she was thirteen. Something that changed everything, that made her...different. Now the only time she truly feels like herself is when she's with her boyfriend, Corey, and in the woods that surrounded ehr town. But danger lurks in the woods, too--and secrets Liv cannot begin to imagine.
In the luminous hands of acclaimed writer Francesca Lia Block, werewolves take on a chilling new life, and love is as fleeting as a full moon.

my thoughts:
Short answer: I didn't like it.
The writing wasn't very good. Block kept repeating herself over and over again. The reader learns about what happens to Liv when she was 13 about 45 million times. It is constantly mentioned and retold about what happens. She should have trusted that the reader would remember what happened. It also felt like Block was trying to make everything sound mysterious about what was going on, but it all came off so obvious that it sort of ruined the feel of the book.
There was obviously a lot of ideas about what Block wanted to do with this story. You can almost hear her going "I want this book to be about werewolves, I also want some type of mystery with the family, and there needs to be ghosts! yeah, ghosts!" There was really two story lines going on in this book, and that got a little weird. There was some good ideas, but the book was wayyyyyy too short to pull them off, so it was just awkward.
I did read an ARC copy of the book, so some of these things (along with the many typos) could be fixed before the book is released.

My rating: 5/10


  1. Sorry you didnt like it. I was looking forward to this one....guess i still am because i want to get my own opinion on it. I liked your review :)

  2. I'm reading this one right now and I kind of hate it. D: I really don't like disliking books but what can you do.

  3. Sorry to read you didn't like this one. I had no idea what it is about but I love the cover. I think I'll probably still try it but I'm sorry to hear it wasn't as good as you thought it was going to be. Thanks for the review.

  4. I so want to read this one. And being that you and I have pretty much the same book taste I am not sure.


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