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Blog Tour: A&E Kirk Interview and GIVEAWAY!

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Here is my second part for the Demons At Deadnight tour! I was able to interview both Alyssa and Eileen and here is what they had to say.
If you could have one of the Hex Boys or Aurora's powers, which would you pick and why?
Alyssa: Whoo! That’s a tough one. I guess I’d have to go with Jayden’s. I love being underwater and with Jayden’s power I could make that happen all the time. Forget being an author, I could be a mermaid! *happy dance*
Eileen: While it’s tempting to have Tristan’s (so it would be easier to get the kids to do what I want) I’d go with Blake’s. I love flowers and plants but can never get anything to grow. Seriously, I’ve killed cactus.

I know that both Missie and Melissa have done posts about their cast picks for the boys (and I have some ideas of who I'd like as well), but if D@D were ever to be made into a movie/tv show, do you have a dream cast for it? Or even a director or tv station/movie studio you'd prefer to make it?
Oh, Ariel, thank you. Thank you so much. You just forced us to look at a hundreds of pictures of gorgeous men all day!! We differed on a few of the boys, but here are our picks.

Aurora - Shelley Hennig. Lovely legs and Alyssa loves her on The Secret Circle.
Ayden - Dennis Oh. Yeah, his last name is Oh. Which is exactly the sound we made when he popped up on our screen.

Jayden - Harry Shum. Those abs definitely meet Hex Boy standard.

And here’s where the differences in opinion start to appear.

 Logan – (Alyssa’s pick) Callan McAuffile. He’s just so adorable. And snazzy.

Logan – (Eileen’s pick) Hunter Parrish. Too cute. But he can also look ominous.

 Blake – (Alyssa’s pick) Liam Hemsworth. Just look at the smile!

Blake - (Eileen’s pick) Kellan Lutz. We don’t need to tell you where to look on this one.

Tristan – (Alyssa’s pick) Sterling Knight. Loved him in 17 Again. And we both also like Alexander Ludwig. So delectable.

(Eileen’s pick.) Grant Gustin. That’s right, the preppy bad boy from Glee.
 Matthias – (Alyssa’s pick) Tyler Blackburn. I’d let him yell at me all day.

Matthias - (Eileen’s picks.) Ben Barnes. Loved him as Prince Caspian. But I also choose (because I’m greedy) Tyler Hoechlin. He just smolders off the screen! I’d pick hunks more but Alyssa says I have to stop.

Family is a major part of our story and the only actors awesome enough to portray the Lahey parents are…
Mrs. Lahey – Angie Harmon
Mr. Lahey – Timothy Olyphant

Did we deliver on eye- candy or what?! And just curious, Ariel, who were your picks?

I plan on doing a Movie Cast Picks post sometime soon with my picks in it. :)

Just like Aurora, I also have frizzy red hair and know what a big pain in the butt it is. Is Jayden's fancy French shampoo real and where can I find some??? :)

Eileen: Unfortunately we made that up. Sort of. When I was in Paris with Mr. Kirk I used some shampoo that made my hair look absolutely amazing, but I don’t remember the name of it and haven’t been able to track it down. Oh, how my golden locks have suffered! If I ever find it I’ll share it with you.

All of the characters in D@D are awesome, but did you have a character that was more fun to write than any of the others?

Alyssa: They were all such fun to write but it’s a tie between Aurora and Matthias. I crack up when I write Aurora. She says stuff I wish I had the guts to say and she is a TERRIBLE detective. It’s a blast laying out all the clues and then having her paranoid mind come to a completely wrong conclusion. And Matthias, he’s just so mean! I can have him say the nastiest stuff and its okay. My brothers claim I’m much nicer after I’ve written a Matthias scene.

Eileen: Aurora and Blake immediately spring to mind just because they make me laugh with their outrageous behavior. But I enjoy writing them all. For instance, with Matthias I love finding subtle ways to show he has more to him than simply being a jerk. I think that’s my mothering instinct. I like seeing Logan come out of his shell. Jayden is just so odd, and finding obscure words is a blast. And Ayden is a challenge because while he definitely has the confident, smooth hottie thing going on, he also struggles with certain insecurities. Especially as he deals with romantic emotions that are new to him. Aurora throws big wrenches in the Hex Boys’ well-oiled machine, but in turn, they are taking her out of her comfort zone, making her confront her demons, literally and figuratively. I guess this was just a long-winded way of saying the most fun is writing how that group dynamic and the people within it are changing.

Here's a random question: A demon is chasing you, but the only thing you have on you is a bottle of shampoo, a dozen triple chocolate cookies, and a stuffed animal. How do you defeat the demon?

Tough one. Okay, as the demon attacks we squirt shampoo into his path so he slips and falls on his back. We cover ten cookies with shampoo so that as he slides by, open mouthed and screaming, we toss the cookies inside his open jaws. The shampoo assures that they slip down his throat. There is just enough salt in the cookies to eat a hole in the demon from the inside out. We rig the talking mechanism in the stuffed animal to explode and shove it into the hole in the demon then run like crazy before the big kaboom, chowing down on the last two cookies for an added burst of strength. We arrive home and use the remaining shampoo to wash the demon guts out of our hair. And get away clean!

On your site it says you are writing a second book, is there anything you can tell us about it that won't give away too many spoilers?

Well…it’s supposed to be a secret but…*looks over shoulders*…Aurora gets chased by demons! Booya! Bet you didn’t see that coming!
Hehe. But aside from new demons to contend with, more is revealed about the Hex Boys - especially Matthias. A couple of new characters show up, like Aurora’s crazy aunt who arrives in Gossamer Falls to wreak some havoc—Err, we meant, uh, to show her love and support. The romance heats up as well as the danger, and Aurora’s secrets and emotions become harder to contain, culminating in another wild, fun-filled Divinicus Nex ride!

Speaking of which, we’d better get back to work. Thanks so much for having us Ariel!

And thank you for allowing me to be on this tour! It's been a ton of fun :)

 Here is a little more information about A&E:
Anyone who says this mother-daughter team doesn’t mesh has only seen them trying to put out the fire from the stupid wires behind the television that should’ve been more clearly labeled.

Alyssa, the A in A&E, has gone from mucking out horse stalls and taping her eyes open during college lectures, to writing novels. When she’s not writing, reading, or running down the halls flapping her coat while singing the Batman theme song, she’s either dancing or immersed in anime.

Eileen has much more class. Even a degree. Fancy. Mother of three lovably peculiar children—all of which like to point out how short she is. Even though she really isn’t—they’re just freaking giants. Happily married, she enjoys escaping like a bat out of hell horseback riding at a leisurely speed around the mountains surrounding their home.

Demons at Deadnight is their debut novel, and currently they’re eating bon bons and watching TV diligently working on the next epic Divinicus Nex adventure

One winner will win a Demons at Deadnight swag set. In it is a Hex Boys poster, Bubbles the Platypus (this stuffed animal is so cool! I love it personally) and a clip in feather hair accesory.

*Giveaway starts today (Feb. 15th) and ends in one week (Wed. Feb 22nd)
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