Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When I'm not reading- I'm painting!

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I am a huge art nerd. I love going to art museums, art fairs, anything art. I pretty much do all forms of art (besides pottery, never cared for that one). My main thing is painting, but I also knit, scrapbook, and I've recently learned how to quilt :)
A lot of my art work is inspired by the books I'm reading.

My HP US covers painting. There is something from every one of the US covers in this painting. Took me forever to paint it. I pretty much locked myself in my room, listened to 3 HP audiobooks, and painted this. Lol my mom stole it from me and it now hangs behind the tv in the livingroom.

Twilight covers painting. I've done this one 3 times now. Even changed the colors up a bit for one of them. That one is done in purples. I ended up selling this one to a friend.

This was a school project. I had to repaint a painting so I did my sister's favorite painting, "The Singing Butler" by Jack Vetriano.

This is a painting I did of my Little Dude. He died last year so I did a painting of my favorite picture of him :(

I'm currently in the middle of lots of different art projects.
I'm knitting this scarf because I want to be as cool as that kid. haha.

I've also been commissioned to paint a couple different paintings for my friend's kids.

This is why I'm going to try and keep up with my blog but I might be slacking. I've read a bunch and wrote a bunch of reviews so I hope I won't fall behind. But I really need to start working my butt off on the commissioned paintings.

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  1. That HP painting is amazing! I'm totally jealous of your living room!!!


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