Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Mortal Instruments cast

I was stalking Cassandra Clare's website earlier and was going through her FAQ section. Her answers have changed since the last time I was on there (a little over a year ago) and City of Bones is being turned into a movie! This is a series I've been dying for them to turn into a movie. And because I LOVE making my own cast lists, I'm doing one for this movie :)
Alexz Johnson as Clary
I have personally never seen anything Alexz has been in, but she has the right look, especially in this picture. Small, red curly hair, and a pissed off, I'm going to do what I want look on her face.

Alex Pettyfer as Jace
Alex is so Jace. The attitude, the looks, everything. He is Jace. No one else will do.

Michael Cera as Simon
I always pictured Simon looking a lot like Michael. The only problem is Michael now has a type cast and it doesn't really fit Simon's character plus the movie would turn into the Simon show. I think the look is right though.

Kristopher Turner  as Simon
I do not really know who this guy is, but he was in Cassandra Clare's cast list (that the fans picked for her). I agree with this guy as well. He seems to have the right look.

Michael Weatherly as Luke
I always pictured Luke looking like Michael did back in his Dark Angel days. Kinda scruffy, glasses, hott nerdy look.
Ewin Mcgregor as Hodge
This one has no real reason behind it. I just think he'd be a cool Hodge.

Gaspard Ulliel as Alec
I think this guy is gorgeous and would be a great Alec. I seemed to pick the one picture where his hair is not dark brown/blackish but it normally is. Most of the pictures of him this guy has an attitude that shows. He's perfect.

Emily Browning as Isabelle
I think Isabelle will be the hardest person for the casting director to pick. I have a clear vision of how Izzy looks in my head and no one fits it perfectly. Emily Browning comes sort of close, just dye her hair black.

Adam Lambert as Magnus
This is not a real cast pick! Obviously Adam is not an actor, he's a singer, but this is how I imagine Magnus. Tall, skinny, crazy hair, with lots of eye make up, glitter, and outrageous clothes. Sums up Magnus pretty well. I know he's not part Asian but I never pictured Magnus asian.

Jason Isaac as Valentine:
I was talking to my mom about cast picks, and she had a great one. Jason Isaac as Valentine. I think that would really work. I had also been thinking maybe Simon Baker

Simon Baker as Valentine:
Maybe? Can he play a bad guy though?

Who does everyone else think should be in the movie?


  1. Alex Pettyfer as Jace is Perrrrrfect!!! I guess a lot would agree with that choice. *wink-wink*
    Ewan McGregor would be a good Luke too. :D Although it would be interesting to see him as Hodge. :D

  2. Oohh Ariel, I love your cast choices. You were right about that one being hott. Haha I love the Adam Lambert choice. Michael Weatherly would be perfect too.

    This book series seems to a be hot topic for everyone I am following.

  3. It's a hot topic right now cause Cassandra has a new book coming out this month and she just posted some seriously exciting news today.

    Lesa, I posted Michael Weatherly and thought of you cause I know you love him. haha.

  4. I just read the books this week and I have to say I completely agree with your picks for Simon, Luke, and Magnus! I don't really know (or particularly care about) the other picks, but those three look/seem absolutely perfect.

    Simon is, by far, my favorite character (followed closely by Magnus) and I think either of your picks would depict him well.

    I fell in love with Michael Weatherly in NCIS, and seeing him look scruffy like that...gawd I'm salivating. If Luke were played by him...I might just have to re-order my favorites.

    And Adam Lambert has acting experience! Okay, not like on the screen, but he spent years in the theater, so I'm sure if someone offered him the role, he'd do the fans proud.


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