Friday, April 27, 2012

YA or Bust Tour

On Tuesday I got an email from my boss at the library telling me that I didn't need to show up for my shift this Thursday. In which I replied "sweet! Now I can go to Seattle to the YA or Bust tour!" so on Thursday morning I hopped into my car, picked up my aunt and we drove the 4 hours to Seattle to see Stephanie Perkins, Nina LaCour, and Gayle Forman do a panel.

From left to right: The host, Nina LaCour, Stephanie Perkins, and Gayle Forman

It was so worth the drive and the gas money to see these ladies. They were all so funny and entertaining. At one point Stephanie said something really funny right as Gayle took a drink of water and she almost spit the water out her nose. Good times. Haha

At the signing I was able to talk to Gayle about how she nailed Oregonians spot on in If I Stay. And joked about how lame Salem really is (which is where I live). Gayle, do not let people fool you, Salem is still very not hip. And Stephanie and me were able to nerd out and squeal about the nerdfighters and John Green.
Stephanie and me representing. DFTBA!

My aunt laughed at me when we got done and said "you are on an adrenaline rush aren't you?" and all I could say is "yes, this is like my nerdvana. Authors to me are like rock stars."

The Signed Disenchantment posters from Nina

All my posters, books, and audiobooks signed and being all pretty.


  1. jealous - looks like you had a fab time :D

  2. total awesome-ness.. I had a chance to see them twice this past weekend, and missed out on both! Glad you go to go and glad you enjoyed it!


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