Monday, December 19, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday-- books I want Santa to bring

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the girls over at The Broke and the Bookish

This weeks top ten is ten books I want Santa to bring me! Seeing as how my want list is now *goes and coutns*  43 books long, Santa has lots of choices to pick from.

These are in no order.

1. Illuminated by Erica Orloff:
This sounds like a really cute love story. Can't go wrong with finding out about an old diary...unless it's Tom Riddles.

2. Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsly:
Ohhh reincarnation. Love those kinds of books. Plus this has a 4.30 rating on goodreads. Only amazing books get that kind of rating.

3.The Pledge by Kimberly Derting:
I love love love Kimberly's books and she is super awesome in person as well. I'm sure I'll just adore  this book. For some odd reason I just haven't got a copy of this yet.

4. Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel:
Isn't the cover for this book just lovely?

5. Isle of Night by Veronica Wolff:
Kinda reminds me of a messed up vampire version of Hunger Games.

6. You Against Me by Jenny Downham:
This just sounds really good.

7.The Marked Son by Shea Berkley:
A few months ago I requested that my library order this book and they never did :(
I really want to read it though.

8. The vampire Stalker by Allison van Diepen:
Oh goodness, what girl doesn't dream about the boy she loves from a book coming out of the book and being real and then getting to meet him? I know I sure want that to happen.

9. Cinderella: ninja Warrior by maureen McGowan:
I put this on my saturday wish list once. I love the cover for this book and the title. Cinderella is a ninja? Awesome!!!

10. Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson:
Lol I love how if you read the synopsis of this book on Goodreads, it's sort of all over the place. She can move things with her mind, in love with her brother's bbf, mugging in London somehow has something to due with a girl in Cali, and so on. It seems so random, yet sounds good and has a great rating on goodreads, so I'm really curious.

Santa baby, will you please bring me these books? I've been good and not bought many books lately and my TBR bookcase isn't over flowing anymore, that needs to change.

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  1. An excellent and eclectic list! :) I have Shattered Souls, and I am certain that Mary Lindsey's debut deserves that rating on Goodreads. Here's hoping Santa will get all the books on your list for you. :)

    Merry Christmas!


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