Thursday, December 15, 2011

Review: Ghost Town

Ghost Town by Rachel Caine
Series: Morganville Vampires #9
Published by NAL Hardcover
Genre:  YA
$9.99 (US paperback)
338 pages

What it's about:
While developing a new system to maintain Morganville's defenses, student Claire Danvers discovers a way to amplify vampire mental powers. Through this, she's able to re-establish the field around this vampire-infested Texas college town that protects it from outsiders.

But the new upgrades have an unexpected consequence: people inside the town begin to slowly forget who they are-even the vampires. Soon, the town's little memory problem has turned into a full-on epidemic. Now Claire needs to figure out a way to pull the plug on her experiment- before she forgets how to save Morganville...

My thoughts:
I love love love love love this series!

At first, I was sort of upset that Rachel Caine kept going with this series after book 6, because you can tell that is where it originally should have ended. The on going plot was solved and everything was finished off nicely. Now each book after that is it's own little story plot and is finished by the end of the book. I didn't think I would like that, but I actually love it. It allows me to pick up the next book whenever and not have to remember a whole lot of details about what happened in the previous ones. I can enjoy the awesome foursome whenever I feel like it just like with a stand alone book.

And I do really love the awesome foursome. Claire is one of the coolest leading ladies ever. Seriously. She is so smart and strong willed, yet she is very young and very small. I love how she has such a great presence that even the founding vampires listen to her. It's great. Then there is Eve, who reminds me of Abby from the show NCIS. The cute goth girl who is always happy. Two things that don't normally go together when it comes to goths, and then there is Michael, the rock star vampire (always needed in a good vampire series ;) ) and who could forget Shane? *sigh* Shane. He puts a smile to my face. The ultimate cute boyfriend who will always be by your side and will kick anyones ass if they even think about hurting you. I just adore him (expect him to show up in a My Book Boyfriend post sometime soon).

Ghost Town definitely is on my list of favorites for the Morganville series. This one had me thinking how in the world is Claire going to solve this problem? I didn't really know what to expect besides some epicness from Claire.

My rating: 10/10

As a side note, I have a hard time thinking of Oliver as a bad ass vampire because he is described as 40ish, greying hair that's in a long pony tail, and tye dyed shirts. This automatically makes me think of Larry (played by Alan Rachins) from the show Dharma and Greg, and he was a complete stoner and insanely funny.

Oliver, is that you? haha.

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