Friday, December 16, 2011

Question about reading goal

This year I set my reading goal for 125 books. I just finished #112. Anyone else frantically reading in order to make their year goal?

What is everyone elses goals?


  1. My goal was 150 and I'm only at 122. Not going to make it but I already doubled last year so still happy.

  2. My goal is 104 I just finished 101, so in my book you guys rock!

  3. Im at 134 of 150! So I am right there with you trying to meet my goal. I really want to reach it, so im going to read read read!

  4. I set my goal at 100 books, and I'm 5 books away from making that goal. I think I should be able to make it. I was way ahead for a while, since I had a month off work and a broken hand that made it hard to do much but sit and read for 6 hours a day, but I fell behind once I got a new job, and now I might just barely be able to squeak by.

  5. My goal was 100 but i passed that easily, I then rest it at 200. I think this was slightly optimistic.
    I've just done number 177.
    I don't think there is any way I can do another 23 books in 14 days. But you never know. :D

  6. All of you read fast. I read approx 1 book a week and my goal was 50, I have read 58 so I am happy. Good luck with your goals


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