Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Book Boyfriend (10) -- Brian Sinclair

My book boyfriend is hosted by Missy over at The Unread Reader. Every week you pick a boy that you love from a book and write about him! It's awesome.

This week I'm picking Brian SinClair from Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning. How can you not love the "romantic retard?" (that wouldn't be my discription of him, but it's the bands).

What Brian looks like:
*"He had features a sculptor would love: strong jaw, pointed chin, high cheekbones."
*Has "intense brown eyes"
*"tousled, jet black hair, which fell just below collar-length and stuck out at odd angles all over his head."

Random things about him:
*Is the lead guitarist in a very popular metal band
*Is a hopeless romantic
*Nickname is Master Sinclair"

Who I picture him looking like:
Hmmm this one was hard. I have a pretty good image of him in my head and had a hard time finding someone to look like him. Then I decided I like thinking of him looking like Jared Leto.
Look at those eyes! *Swoons*

Brian definitely proves, there is nothing sexier than a musician.

“Just love me, Myrna," he whispered against her lips. "Please."

“He grinned. "It's more of a personal challenge. Do you have any interest in getting to know me at all? Personally, I mean."

"Can't I just Google you? Isn't your entire life somewhere online?"
He scowled. "Probably.”

Okay, I'm not posting anymore quotes because I don't think there are any clean quotes in the whole book besides the ones I posted. Haha. Since my blog is mostly YA, I try to keep everything pg-13 or lower.


  1. Oh Jared Leto... he is so pretty. I think I should read this book, coz the PG quotes were hot... but I gotta read the non-PG ones! Hehe

  2. In the top picture he looks gorgeous! Love your choice

  3. I love that series I had Sed as a book boyfriend recently so I know what you mean about trying to find quotes!

  4. Ariel,

    A rocker to play a rocker! Excellent. Brian sounds like a dream. I love that he is a hopeless romantic and that first quote is so swoon.

    Yes! Musicians are really sexy!

  5. Ohhh Jared Leto.....I think he's like 40...BUT he's 80 he'll prob still be Hot...:D

  6. Jared Leto is PERFECT casting for that part! The whole time I kept going between him and Gavin Rosdale.

  7. Oh, I LOVE Brian Sinclair! The scene where he uses Myrna as his sheet music? Swoon! :) Jared Leto is an excellent pick - I had such a crush on him as Jordan Catalano!

  8. Ohhh nice haven't read this book. But I like Jared Leto, he's very pretty.


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