Monday, August 1, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday-- 10 Trends

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This weeks top ten is trends I'd like to see more of/less of.

Honestly, the trends I want to see less of popped into my head first, so I'll start with those.

Have less of:
1. Love Triangles:
There is wayyyyy too much of this going on lately. I loved them at first cause who doesn't? But it's gotten old. Really old.

2. The "second book rule":
I posted about this a few days ago and what it means. For the full explanation of it, you can read my post here

3. Making fun of Twilight in books:
We get it, we get it, Twilight is popular so it must mean we have to make fun of it. Honestly, enough is enough. It's not funny, it's just old.

4. Celebrities writing really bad books:
Just because they are on tv does not mean that people want to read what they have to think. The book that makes me cringe at the thought of is the Snooki book. Why was she able to publish a book but  a lot of good authors have a hard time getting published? Seriously.


Trends I do like:
5. Having more books about animals:
Love love love love this trend! All these books about animals and the amazingness they are. The Art of Racing in the Rain and Marley and Me being my favorite of these types of books.

6. Audiobooks:
I love how almost all books are now getting audiobooks. I listen to ab all the time while I'm working on art projects and I love how I can listen to my favorite books.

7. Not talked about much themes:
I'm sad I missed this topic of TTT last week because I can think of a few books for this. Forbidden and Stolen are books about something that isn't talked about much and I loved those books.

8. New paranormals:
There are lots of new paranormals that are coming into the book world that I love. Now it's not just werewolves, fairies, and vampires, but you can also read about revenants, empty ones, and soul screamers and all these other cool paranormals.

9. Princess stories:
I've always wanted to be a princess and I loveeeeeeeee reading about them.

10. Dystopian:
I loveeeeeeeee dystopian books! Divergent and Hunger Games being my favorite. I love these alternate worlds that are not paranormal but not like the world I live in.


  1. Dystopia! Yes, yes, yes. I really can't get enough of these. I've grown weary of the same paranormal romance Twilight rip-off, and I'm loving how these new dystopian titles are bringing something fresh and exciting to the table.

    Good post!

  2. Oooooh, I totally agree with you about the animal books and the new paranormals! We need variety and we need animals! :) Also, I couldn't agree more with you on the celebrities writing bad books. Really, who wants to read that stuff?

    DJ Librarian Dishes

  3. OMG the celebrity book thing! How did I forget that! I did enjoy Tina Fey's but.. man there just seems to be a lot.

    I agree on the second book thing. I havent read the post yet but I can guess what it is about... (my next tab to read!)

    Thanks for participating in TTT!
    Julia from The Broke and the Bookish

  4. Funny. I hadn't thought about Twilight-mocking books. Good call.

  5. Celebrity books - I don't get it either. I don't get who buys them, seeing as they don't seem to be aimed at readers. I don't understand Jersey Shore and I don't really know who Snooki is but it makes me very very sad that she has a book deal when I'm sure there are thousands of authors out there with excellent manuscripts struggling to get published.

  6. I totally agree with you about the celebrities writing books thing!!! It's one thing to create your brand of perfume, and complete another to write a book! Does anyone even buy those books!!

  7. Nice list. I have yet to read a book by a celebrity author that I respect.

    Here's my Top Ten list for this week:
    Top Ten Trends You'd Like to See More Of
    I hope you will stop by and join in Readerbuzz's August Giveaway!

  8. I agree about the celebrities thing. I like all your other topics too!


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