Monday, August 1, 2011

New pets: Peeta and Simon

My family is filled full of soft hearted people that can not resist the big sad eyes of animals.

This means that in the last two weeks, we have adopted a new dog and a new kitten to add onto the 2 cats and dog we already owned. My house is turning into an animal farm.
This is Simon. We named him after Simon from the Mortal Instruments series by Cassie Clare. My other dog is named Isobelle after the same series.

Both the doggies together. They absolutely love each other. Fun stuff. Yes that's right, Simon is wearing a diaper. He wasn't house trained the first few days we had him. Did you know they make special diapers for dogs?

And then a few days ago I brought home a new baby orange kitten. A family I babysit for found a litter of kittens when they were 3 weeks old. I've been bottle feeding and helping take care of them for a few weeks and couldn't help but bring one home.
This is Peeta. That's right, all my animals have to be named after book characters.

He is my baby boy. Loves to cuddle and eat. He also likes to play with my toes when I'm trying to fall asleep. Don't know why.

So that's what I've been up to. Bringing lots of new animals home, introducing them to the old ones, getting them potty trained and so on. Lots of work but who could say no to those faces?


  1. That's great that Simon and Isobelle like each other. Peeta is sooooo cute!

  2. Cute! My parents just got a new dog from a shelter, unfortunately their older dog was so stressed about the change he's made himself sick. Not good :( Hopefully he gets better, they already seem to be getting along better - at first Jed, the original dog, was always running away from Tilly, the new dog - now he doesn't mind sitting next to her but my mum is worried he's just too sick to bother! Eek. Lucky your dogs get along! :)

  3. OMG Simon is so adorable!! What a cute lil face! He looks like a white version of my sister's dog that is a cockapoo. They are all so cute, YAY for new additions :).

  4. Awww the animals are SO cute. I LOVE that you named the tabby Peeta. : ) : )

  5. You cat totally looks like mine. I've got new pics of her scheduled to post in the morning.

  6. I hate celebrities with books.
    Love to see more paranormals too.


    Cassandra @ Book & Movie Dimension (


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