Thursday, July 28, 2011

2nd Book Rule

I've mentioned what I like to call "the 2nd book rule" a few times in reviews and I think I should clarify this rule a little more.

Lately I've noticed that a lot of YA authors are doing the same thing when it comes to the second book in their series. At the end of the first one, the two main characters have gotten together. Most of the time at least one of the people in the couple is a paranormal of some sort, be it vampire, witch, shifter, or so on. At the end of the book they have finally gotten together, are happy and so on.

Now comes book 2. It's a few months later, the non paranormal of the group is all happy, but the paranormal character is starting to freak out. Maybe they are going to hurt their partner, that they are bad, that they have no souls, blah blah blah and so on. Then the rest of the book is spent with one of the characters spends the whole book freaking out and whining. ALL THE TIME. They go through complications, break up, or whatever, only to end up back together in the end. The most famous of this 2nd book rule would have to be New Moon. Other books that have followed this trend are the Beautiful Creatures series and now Paranormalcy. There are lots more that also follow this rule.

I hate this rule. It bugs me. I find it a new trend that is not necessary and I will dock points from a review if the author does this.


  1. This is why I usually avoid sequels.. especially if they're paranormal.

  2. I've noticed this, too! So annoying. And I wouldn't even mind the whining and teen angst so much if there was a strong, awesome story to go along with it. But no, it's mostly just whining. Grr!
    Mary @ Book Swarm

  3. It is annoying isn't it? I think it's because publishers are pushing for three book series and so the author just has to come up with filler. I hate it, though!

  4. Lol. Not what I thought, but I agree whole heartedly. And now that I've seen it, the glass has been shattered. I feel like i will be seeing it everywhere!


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