Friday, July 22, 2011

Borders going out of business sale

What is the world coming to when Borders books goes out of business? I honestly cried when I saw that they were closing. I live about 2 minutes away from Borders and go there a few times a week. Not only do they have books but they have my favorite coffee drink (omg mint chocolate coffee??????). Now my city does not have any new bookstores. I will have to drive all the way to Portland if I want a new book! That's an hour for me.

Anyways, Borders sales start today. Everything in the store is up to 40% off. Now would be the time to go on a shopping spree if you want to spend the money.


  1. -I'm sad too! I love Borders! I'm going on a shopping spree there in a few days; I only live 5 minutes away from one. I'm going to miss Borders. :(

  2. I'm going to have to heck out that mint chocolate coffee before they sounds delicious.

    I'm sorry you'll have to drive all the way to Portland. Aren't there any Barnes & Nobles close by?

  3. I know isn't it so sad? I still have a Barnes and Nobel in my city but I hate Barnes and Nobel! I'm going to Borders today to check out the sales. So sad, though. :(

  4. I'm sad too. There's a B&N right by my house, but I really don't like it. Guess I will just have to start shopping on Amazon if I want new books.

  5. Its a very sad day - no more 4 hour book buying saturdays


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