Monday, July 11, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday--Authors I'm dying to meet

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Todays top ten tuesday is top 10 authors I'm dying to meet!

These are in no order:

1) Julie Kagawa:
OMG seriously. I've become such a huge fan of hers.

2) John Green:
I have a mega crush on him. His books are brilliant.

3) Olivia Cunning:
I want to ask her how she gets anything done when she has thoughts like she does in her head. haha and to thank her for creating Brian and Trey.

4) JK Rowling:
Ok I have actually met her before, but I wasn't positive it was her until it was too late to talk to ask her any questions (seriously, who would have thought JK Rowling would be riding coach from Paris to Edinburgh???) I need to know 1. Where are Harry's grandparents? Both sets couldn't have been much older than 50 when Harry was a baby and 2. Does Voldie have a sex drive? He's evil, but it doesn't mean he doesn't get horny. These questions need answers.

5) Janette Rallison:
Her books are so cute. I think it'd be fun to meet her.

6) Jeaniene Frost:
I've talked to her in emails but she needs to get away from the east coast and make it over to the west coast!!! I've been in love with her books for.... 5 years now?

7) Kiersten White:
I have fallen madly in love with Paranormalcy and I would love to know the person who created Evie and Lend.

8) Stephanie Perkins:
From reading her blog and talking to her on FB, she seems so cool! She'd be fun to just hang out with.

9) Agatha Christie:
THe queen of mystery books apparently was painfully shy so meeting her (if she were still alive) would be kinda awkward but really cool.

10) Lewis Carroll:
I know he may have been a child molester but I still want to meet him. I don't care if he came up with his idea of Alice In Wonderland because he was high, he still had a fantastic imagination.

11) Edward Lear:
Because 10 is not enough.

12) Shel Silverstein:
So I like meeting dead authors.

This week should be called "top ten however many I can think of" because I don't like to pick and choose. Even though I did. Stephenie Meyers and Tabitha Suzuma were originally on my list as well.


  1. Those questions absolutely need to be asked of J.K. Rowling! You'll have to let us know the answers if you ever get the chance.

  2. haha you are too funny and I agree.. it should of been called "top ten however many i can think of" Great List!

  3. I can't believe you saw J.K. Rowling on a train! How cool! Too bad you didn't recognize her at the time. She is on my list too. I have always wondered about Harry's grandparents.

    I think it would have been interesting to meet Agatha Christie too.

  4. Oh! I forgot about Stephenie Myer! I should go add her to mine too! Haha.

    I've seen Stephanie Perkins on a lot of peoples lists. I may have to check her out!

    Make sure to stop by and look at my list!

    I'm a new follower =)

  5. Good call on Agatha Christie! I love an author that can produce such atmosphere.

  6. Yes, Kiersten White! I don't know how I forgot her. She's hilarious!


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