Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday-- Book Pet Peeves

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This weeks Top Ten is: Top Ten Bookish Pet Peeves (all those things that annoy you in a story, with book covers, bookstores, etc)

Oh boy, I have a few for this one, not sure I can come up with ten though.

1. Love Triangles:
This one didn't used to bother me,  but in the last month or two it's really getting on my nerves. Maybe because it's being over used? Whatever the reason, I'm sick of it.

2. Writing in books:
This one I have a lot of issues with when I'm searching for textbooks even though it's kind of expected. I can't stand it when people mark up their books.

3. Damaged books (broken spines, pages falling out, dog eared, ripped covers and so on):
Why would people want to damage a book? why why why??? Books are to be loved and taken care of, not tossed around.

4. When people get food on the pages:
I once lent a book out to someone and they got nacho cheese disgusting stuff all over the pages. Do not eat Doritos while reading a book! It's gross! Chocolate always seems to be a popular stain on library books, especially romance books. Kinda disturbing really.

5. Accent writing:
 You know when people have funny accents in books and then the spelling is all screwed up cause of it? Like Hagrid or when people do southern accents. Sometimes you can learn to read it really fast but most of the time I just find it annoying.

6. When bookstores don't get books in the day they are released:
You've been waiting and waiting and waiting for a book to come out. You're all excited and have a giant mental note in your head saying "GET THE BOOK!" You make sure that you don't have anything you have to do that day so you can sit around and read the book all day. Get to the store only to find out they didn't get their shipment in. Grrrr. My Borders has a HORRIBLE time with this. I've had to wait two weeks after a book came out once till borders got it. Lameeeee.

7. Cliff Hanger Endings:
I'm impatient. I hate waiting to know what happens next!!!!

8. Killing animals:
I don't care if there is a good reason for killing them off, it still bothers me. I can not handle that. Like when they kill off the family dog cause it got eaten by the aliens or things like that. Why add in that detail? Really? Was it that important to the story plot?

9. Bad endings:
I don't care how good the book is, if it has a sad/bad ending, I don't like the book. It's the same way with movies for me.

10. When a book gets ruined by it's bad movie:
No matter how much you love the book, you are still going to view it different after watching it's movie. There is no turning back once you've seen it. And if the movie is bad? Then the book is tainted.


  1. OMG, I also hate #4! I specifically tell people not to eat while they read my books. I'm also very specific on who reads my books because I hate when they are returned and ruined.

  2. Yes food and books is a big no-no on my list too.

  3. I totally agree with 2,3,4 they made it onto my list. I thought I would have a hard time coming up with 10, but instead had a hard time narrowing it down to 10. If it would have been Top Twenty I think everything else you mention would have made it onto my list too.

  4. I never understood #8, like... was that really needed?!


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