Friday, November 12, 2010

Hop and Follow Friday!

Book Blogger Hop
Book blogger hop is hosted by crazy for books.

This weeks question:
"If you find a book that looks interesting but is part of a series, do you always start with the first title?"

My answer:
Yes. Always. I refuse to read books out of order. I don't like not knowing what's going on or trying to figure out all the past histories with the characters. Too much work and it will ruin the book/series for me.

Follow friday is hosted by Parajunkee.
Weekly question:
What is your usual monthly book budget?

My answer:
Oh man, I'm trying to not buy books at all for awhile cause I'm so broke, but I've been caving and buying books anyways. I won't really let myself spend more than $30-$50 a month on books. I've already reached that number so far this month.

And this is my week question:
2)I Am Number Four
4)Low Red Moon
5) Mad Love

I just can't decide what should come next!


  1. Hi & Happy Friday!
    I ALWAYS have to read books in order as well.
    Have a lovely book filled weekend!

  2. Hi, hon - happy to be tagging along as a new Friday Follower. Love the site! :)

    Sally @ Bibrary Bookslut

  3. Hello! I'm an old follower and definitely agree about reading the series in order.
    I adored Nightshade! I vote that one for next week :)


  5. Hello! old follower! Just stopping by. Tough choice of what to read. I think you should either Nightshade or Angelfire. I have read Angelfire and it was awesome. I am planning on reading Nightshade next. Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi there! Just hoppin' on by. <3 I'm an old follower! :D

    My book budget is $0! I'm a poor college student, so I only borrow books from the library or read in Barnes and Noble while hogging their air conditioning. :)

    You should read Nightshade. Just because I'm currently reading it, ahha. xP I plan on reading Angelfire soon! And after that, Low Red Moon. :3

    Kristina @ Frazzled Book Nommer. Have a good weekend! <3

  7. I haven't bought many books lately. That's a bad/good thing me thinks. :) Gotta love the library!

    Just an old follower stopping by to say Hi!

  8. Happy Friday! I'm a new follower through the blog hop, and I absolutely LOVE your header! I'm such a Harry Potter geek haha

    As for a book budget...I really need to set one haha I often give up eating for books ;)

  9. new follower here. im talking brand spankin' new.

    my book budget? you know... i really should start setting a limit for myself. I always find myself in money troubles when it comes to how many books i purchase per month. do they have book buyers addicts classes. you know, like AA? but with... OH you get the point.

  10. I can dive right into the middle of a book series if the series' story
    doesn't run chronologically.

    That is to say, if each novel in a series is a stand-alone story (like Lee
    Child's Reacher novels) then I don't feel the need to start with book one.

    On the other hand, a series of books (like Richard Hatch's Battlestar
    Galactica novels) can't be read out of sequence since each new book builds
    upon the story of the previous entry in the series.

    Happy Book Blogger Hop Friday!

    Howard Sherman

  11. Hi, I'm here on the Follow Friday Tour. I'm already a follower.

    I don't have a book budget. That's it. I try to get books through Paperback swap and friends, etc., but sometimes I just have to break down and buy one.

    I think you should read Nightshade next. I've seen it on plenty of the blogs I've been visiting and it looks really good.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Hopping by to say have a great week!

  13. How long is too long?

    I was blogging from my official website about the interactive fiction books
    I was writing before the words "blog" and "blogging" entered the English

    And I blogged a lot about many things -- not just books.

    I need to blog off topic a little more, I think. I don't want people to the
    idea I'm too two dimensional!

    Thank God It's Follow Friday!

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Howard Sherman


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