Monday, November 8, 2010

4th Iron Fey book????????

I was blog hoppin over at Marie LOVES Books and she posted that Julie Kagawa is writing a 4th Iron Fey book!!!!!!!!!

This one is Ash's story and it's called The Iron Knight!!!!!!!!

Not only is there one more book, but it's Ash's story. I squeeeee'd so loud I freaked out my dog when I saw this.

Julie, you have just made my day!

Now here's the big question, is it going to be a short story thing like "Winter's Passage" was (aka Iron fey #1.5) or is it a full on book??? If anyone knows, please let me know!
I'm gonna guess full on book cause it starts with "Iron."

Here is the goodreads page: Iron Knight


  1. I heard it announced on Twitter last night. There aren't too many details except that it's called The Iron Knight and that it's Ash's story, like you already said. I'm just as interested as you to hear more details! ^.~

  2. I've got to get a twitter. I keep missing things cause I don't have one.

  3. The news was also announced on ^_^

  4. You don't have a Twitter? OmGosh! That's where I get all my news!

    Thanks for mentioning me in your post, I called my husband screaming (he was playing games with his friends so he was worried something was wrong since I hardly call him when he's out lol)! I'm Team Puck but another Iron Fey book is another Iron Fey book!

    I was hoping there would be another novella released before The Iron Queen like there was before The Iron Daughter... but I haven't heard anything about it. I guess there wouldn't be much to fill us in on since the ending of The Iron Daughter wasn't much of a cliffhanger.


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