Thursday, January 12, 2012

Selling some books

Hey, so I'm extremely broke right now. Really, really, really broke and I just can't seem to stop spending money. Since I have a great big box full of books that no longer fit in any of my bookcases and that I do not plan on rereading, I'm going to sell some of them! Yay!

I've created a lovely little "donate" button on my blog over to the top right and that is how I will accept payments. I'm going to charge for shipping too, but that's not normally that much. I can normally ship 2 hardbacks or 3 paperbacks for about $3 with Media mail.

If  you want to buy any, make sure to send me an email and in the subject just say something like "blog books" or whatever so I know it's not spam. This way we can email about shipping. Feel free to leave a comment on here as well if you like. My email is

I'm sorry to all my international followers, but this is US only unless you are willing to pay a little extra (like 50 cents a book) because Paypal charges me for foreign currency. Shipping will also be a little more expensive.
Okay, here is the list of books:

Young Adult
*The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong (hardback $7)
*Bumped by Megan McCafferty ($9)
*Damage by Anya Parrish ($5)
*Darker Still by Leanna Renee Hieber ($5)
*Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz ($4)
*Deadly little Games by Laurie Faria Stolarz (hardback $8)
*Fallen by Lauren kate (hardback $7)
*Forgotten by Cat Patrick ($10)
*The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong ($10)
*The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross ($10)
*Lament by Maggie Stiefvater  ($5)
*Never Bite a Boy On the First Date by Tamara Summers   ($4)
*Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles  ($5)
*Ripple by Mandy Hubbard  ($9)
*Stargazer by Claudia Gray (hardback $7)
*Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes  ($10)
*Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston  ($5)

*Glimmerglass by Jenna Black ($5)
*Shadowspell by Jenna Black  ($5)
*Sirensong by Jenna Black  ($5)

*Bite Me! by Melissa Francis   ($5)
*Love Sucks! by Melissa Francis  ($5)

*A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole  ($3)
*Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley Cole  ($3)
*Dreams of a Dark Warrior by Kresley Cole   ($3)
*Dark Needs at Night's Edge by Kresley Cole  ($3)
*The Harlequin by Laurell K. Hamilton (Hardback $4)
*Mr Parker Pyne, Detective by Agatha Christie ($1)
*Murder at Hazelmoor by Agatha Christie  ($1)
*Passenger to Frankfurt by Agatha Christie ($1)

And because I don't believe in selling ARC's, here are arc's I'll be giving away if you are willing to pay shipping:
*The Deadly Sister by Eliot Schrefer
*The Espressologist by Kristina Springer
*I Am Number 4 by Pattacus Lore

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