Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top ten tuesday-- Minor characters

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This weeks topic is Top Ten Favorite Minor characters.

Hmmm what is a "minor" character? Is it any character that is not the "voice" or can it be someone else that is in a duo that isn't the voice? Anyways, I'm mostly going with the best friend characters cause I love them so.

1. Megan from Shade/Shift by Jeri Smith Ready:
I just finished reading Shift and I always loved Aura's best girlfriend, Megan. She cracks me up. She is such a small character yet is there for a lot of the big things that happen in Aura's life. She's a great best friend.

2. Vlad from the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost:
I'm super excited that he is getting his own book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so much fun. Love him.

3. Christina from Divergent by Veronica Roth:
I love how blunt she is, or should I say "honest." She is also tough, spunky, and just fun. Love her.

4. Willa from Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma:
What she says at the end just wow'd me. I couldn't get over it. I love how kids actually see the world without getting bogged down in it.

5. Ash from Strange Angels by Lili St.Crow:
I can't wait to get to know more about this character. Common the last book!!! I need to know what happens!

6. Finnick from Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins:
Yup, I'm counting him as a minor character. He was honestly my favorite character (well maybe besides from Peeta). I think I cried the most when he died (spoiler if you are the random person who hasn't read this series yet. Yes Arwen, I mean you ;) ). It was shocking and I had to reread it about 6 times to believe it. I'm still mad about it.

7. Chrissy from My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison:
Hahaha she cracks me up. She gets everything soooooo wrong.

8. Grim from the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa:
He makes me giggle. He is so serious and cuddly all at once.
9. The sister wives from Wither by Lauren Destefano:
I couldn't decide on just one or the other. I loved the relationship that the three of them have.

10. Ben from Paper Towns by John Green:
hahahah "I have to pee" hahahahha. I won't lie, I'm that person on car trips too.

It took all my will power to not list a Kim Harrison character this week. Haha I thought I'd give it a break, try and think of some other characters...


  1. Divergent is a new favorite with me. (In fact, I'm doing a May giveaway for it.) And why, oh why, haven't I read Paper Towns yet?

    Thank you for your lovely list.

    Please stop by my blog and take a look at my list of Top Ten Minor Characters. I'd love to see what you think.

  2. I put Finnick on my list too- loved him!

  3. I liked Megan too. It's nice to read novels were the friends actually act like friends.

  4. The sister wives from Wither were great, although I loved Jenna most. I also keep seeing Megan from Shade on some lists. I want to read the book now. Lol

  5. Great list! I completely forgot about Finnick - I'm so ashamed of myself! I love him. And you've just made me really want to pick up Strange Angels again. Woo!

    Amber at Books of Amber

  6. Finnick was my favorite too - I loved him so much! I was so fascinated by the fact that he was in love with crazy Annie, it made me appreciate him for not being superficial and seeing past her exterior.

  7. Finnick was a great character! <3


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