Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Reckoning by kelley Armstrong

The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong
published by harper teen
391 pages
$17.99 (hardcover)

FTC: I borrowed this from a friend who did not receive it from the publisher. I am not being compensated for my review.

What it's about:
My name is Chloe Saunders. I'm fifteen, and I would love to be normal. But normal is one thing I'm not. For one thing, I'm having these feelings for a certain antisocial werewolf and his sweet-tempered brother--who just happens to be a sorcerer--but, between you and me, I'm leaning toward the werewolf.

Not normal.

My friends and i are also on the run from an evil corporation that wants to get rid of us--permanently.

Definitely not normal.
And finally, I'm a genetically altered necromancer who can raise the dead, rotting corpses and all, without even trying.
As far away from normal as it gets.

My thoughts:
It has been almost a year since I have read the first two books in this series so I was having trouble remembering everything that happened. This book does not do a recap of everything that happens but instead throws you right into the action.

The first two books aren't normally books I put in a pile of books and tell people to read them. They were good but not for everyone. I wouldn't say that about this book. I thought it was brilliant and I wasn't able to put it down once I started. Lots of new questions were asked and unfortunately not all of them were answered. A little dissapointing but not enough for me to not like this book. It was filled full of action, suspense, mystery, and of course, teen love.

My favorite character in this series is Derek and has been since the first book. Normally this is not a persons first pick of best character but I truely do love his character. He's the strong willed werewolf who feels like he's a monster. I was extrememly happy when Chloe was leaning towards him and not Simon. Even the brooding monster needs love every once and a while.

I'm upset that this series has ended with this book because I do feel there are unanswered questions but at the same time, I see why it needed to end with this book.

my rating: 10/10. I loved it that much.

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