Sunday, April 10, 2011

Having a bookish problem

I find that I'm having an odd book problem. I fell madly in love with this cover...

I love this cover so much that I searched for about 25 minutes earlier online to see if I could find a poster of it anywhere (I couldn't find it, but if you know where I can find one, please tell me!!!). Well I've tried reading it twice now but I find myself not wanting to read it cause what if I don't like it? I'll be really upset if I don't like the book cause it might ruin my feelings about the cover.

I know, it's an odd problem. Anyone else ever had this problem? 


  1. Gorgeous cover! Absolute must read just because of the fantastic cover!

  2. OMG I had the *exact* same problem with this book too! I finally read it last week and unfortunately was highly disappointed. I hope you enjoy it and you find the writing to live up to the awesome cover!

  3. Aw man! I hate when a cover doesnt live up to its wrapping. Hey but at least you can still look at the cover whenever you want. :)

  4. yep totally know how you feel. that's how i feel about the book halo: alexandra adornetto. That cover is beyond gorgeous!! but i have heard such iffy reviews that im scared to read it because i might not like it!


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