Friday, April 29, 2011

Book themed Tshirt idea

I've always been really big into art and have made lots of hand painted tshirts.

What I've been thinking I want to do lately is make some book themed tshirts. My questions are these...
*If I was to make these tshirts/tote bags/what ever else, would anyone be interested in buying one?
*How much would you be willing to spend on it?
*What books would you like to see have tshirts/tote bags?

I'm thinking about taking small quotes from books, themes, team whoevers, or even just the names of the books.

I'm also thinking of doing shirts for blog names.


  1. I think tote bags would be neat... I would love to see one with a bunch of quotes from a bunch of great books... I would get one for sure!!!

  2. tote bags would be great, even t-shirts too.

    I would pay about £20 for a t-shirt, £15 for a bag, maximum.

    Would be great as Steph says to have a mix of quotes, but would especially love Hunger Games, Harry Potter ones.



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