Monday, June 13, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday--Awwww moments

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme in which you post the top 10 whatever the topic is of the week. It's hosted by The broke and the bookish

This weeks top ten is top ten awwww moments in books.

This is going to be a big ol' spoiler post, so if you are a type of person that doesn't like to take risks and read maybe spoilers, then don't read this post. There is no way for me to write about my favorite "awww" moments without giving away spoilers.

These are in no order. Just whichever ones popped into my head first.

1. When Harry realizes he likes Ginny in HBP:
You know that part when Harry and Ron run into Ginny and Dean making out and Harry describes how he feels like there is a lion in his chest that wants to kill Dean? I don't know why, but that makes me go "awwww little Harry loves Ginny!!!" I always thought it was cute when Harry had a crush.

2. Jace and Clary's "last" night together:
Oh man, when they just fell asleep next to eachother holding hands because they thought the world could end and they wanted to spend it holding each other? SO CUTE! I love seeing Jace's soft side.

3. The end of The Art of Racing in the Rain:
when Enzo comes back as a boy and shakes his old masters hand, I was BAWLING! The idea of our beloved pets coming back as humans and meeting up with us again is by far one of my most favorite ideas.

4. The whole entire book of Anna and the French Kiss:
You know it, the whole damn book is an "awww" moment. There are too many in that book to just pick one.

5. Ash becoming Megan's Knight (Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa):
GO TEAM ASH! haha. I can't get over how much I love this part!

6. Evie and Lend's first kiss (Paranormalcy):
These two are just too cute for words. Both are so innocent and adorable.

7. Finding out who the dad of the future baby is in My Unfair Godmother:
Very few boys (as in, I can't think of any that I know personally) would have acted the same way that Hudson does in this part. His reaction is the cutest!

8. Violet and Jay finally becoming a couple (Body Finder):
I absolutely love how they are the best friends turned lovers. There are so few good stories with that type of love. They are the perfect couple.

9. Seth finding Georgina's soul (Succubus Shadows?):
It shouldn't have been possible, but somehow it was. Won't find out why until the next book! Gah! His soul called out to hers and brought her back. How amazing is that?

10. Dimitri and Rose in the small library (Last Sacrifice):


  1. Oh I love The Art of Racing in the Rain! I cried in that book! Anna and the French Kiss is so adorable... and I love Prince Ash! Excellent choices :)


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