Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Darkest Days signing

Tonight was so much fun! My friend Lesa from End of Book and I drove an hour to Portland to go to the Darkest Days of Summer signing.
Ellen Schreiber, Aprilynne Pike, Tara Hudson, Amy Plum and Veronica Roth were all there. We got there a few hours early and mingled with the other book lovers (which is always so much fun!) We met a few really cool bloggers and talked the whole night. Then Suzanne Young showed up and we all got to talking.

The whole signing part with the authors went really fast compared to what I'm normally used to. All the authors talked a little about their books, and then ran straight for questions. I asked Veronica if she had to pick a faction, which one would she pick? She said abnegation or dauntless. Haha go figure. I also told her Darren Criss should play Four in the movie and that she needs to make a facebook quiz about which faction would you be. She laughed and said she'd get right on that. I still can't believe that we are the same age. It blows my mind that a 22 year old can have a best selling book and movie rights sold to go along with it. Crazy.

I was also telling Amy that I think she should do a spin off and have it be from Charlottes POV because I love her, or Jules.

Amy Plum and me

Tara Hudson and me

Aprilynne Pike, me, and Veronica Roth

Ellen Schrieber and me

Suzanne Young and me

I LOVE going to book signings!


  1. How fabulous! Lucky you, getting to go to the Dark Days signing! Love the pics.
    Mary @ Book Swarm

  2. Oh, I so wish I could be in Austin today since that's where some of the delightful ladies are going to be! :) Ah, well, perhaps another time. Glad you were able to meet all of them!

  3. You are so lucky you got to go!!! It actually was only a half hour away from where I live but I'm in California for the summer so I couldn't make it. I was SO DISAPPOINTED. Fortunately a friend of mine went to get Divergent signed for me. But anyway I agree Darren Criss would make an amazing Four. :)


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