Sunday, December 8, 2013

Book Lists

So I have this friend who has an even more severe book buying habit than I do. Didn't think it was possible, but apparently it is. This is the same friend who goes with me to all the book signings and we will just go to bookstores and spend lots of money. A few weeks ago, we were in Portland at a signing when she showed me that she had created an excel sheet of all the books she owns.

I couldn't get that out of my head. I was so jealous of it! What a brilliant idea. All the books you own in one list with all the info you could want on it, so you will always know which ones you own. No more duplicates or wondering which books in a series you own.

For the last week or so, I have been making my own. All my ebooks and bound books, if I have audiobooks for them, if they are signed, what series they are in, the genre, if I have them listed on Goodreads, if I've read them, what I rated them, and when they were released.  All on one list. After about 30 hours of work (literally, and I'm still not finished filling out all the info) it turns out that I have 660 books. Not including duplicates. About half of which I haven't read yet. Yikes.

Anyone else keep lists of books that they own? How many do you own?


  1. I keep a list of all my books - print, Kindle, and audio - on LibraryThing. I also keep a list of the review books I have read but don't consider them as books I own. My library has 4408 as of today. My Read But Unowned has 462. I recently weeded 23 brown paper grocery bags of books from my collection because I was determined that each book I owned would have a place on a shelf. No more, bags, baskets or boxes filling every closet I have. Of course, I have been collecting books for 45 years which might account for the number.

  2. I just keep a list of the books I've read (started in 2012) and my TBR list. The "to read" list definitely outnumbers the finished list...there's just always new books that I want to read!


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