Thursday, September 1, 2011

My laptop is broken!

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't been updating my blog much lately. My laptop broke and it's with the geeks at geeksquad for at least another week. It is absolutely horrible not having my laptop. How in the world do people live without computers????

I hope to get on and do some posts soon but I'm taking the opportunity of my computer free life in order to get a bunch of my projects done.



  1. That sucks! I hope they can fix it and that it wasn't too serious.

  2. Poor sick laptop. I hope it survives.

  3. Technology has made us live without computers! LOL! Well, the times have changed, together with our needs. Let's hope your lappy gets fixed as soon as possible. It's really frustrating to not blog or even open your Facebook account at all. Grr!


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