Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ARC Review: Crave

Crave by Melissa Darnell
Published by Harlequin Teen
Genre: YA
416 pages
Release date: Oct. 18th 2011 (US)

What It's About (from Goodreads):

Savannah Colbert has been shunned all her life by the kids of the Clann. And when she undergoes some drastic changes after a strange illness, Savannah learns secrets about the group and about herself—dangerous secrets. For the Clann are powerful magic users, and Savannah herself is half Clann and half vampire—a forbidden, unheard of combination. Falling for Clann golden boy Tristan Coleman isn't just a bad idea—it could be deadly if anyone finds out. But her attraction to Tristan—and his to her—isn't something either of them can resist for long.(

My thoughts:
At first I could not put this book down. Once I started reading it I had to keep going. I needed to know when Savannah and Tristan were finally going to get together! I had to know what happens, but once 6am hit, I knew I had to put the book down and go to bed (which was a hard thing to do). The next day I picked the book back up and finished it. Though having that break in between did sort of change my views of the book a little. I lost some of the interest in it.

The loss of interest was mostly due to the fact that I realized how much the book repeats itself. Savannah spends most of her time freaking out about her "gaze daze" and about how she is  breaking the rules. At least 50 pages of the book could have been cut out due to repetitiveness.

But besides that I did enjoy the story. It actually felt like a few different stories in there because the mood does change throughout the book. It is done in "parts" and each part has a little different feel. I really liked the characters in the book. Tristan being my favorite. I found his character to be the most interesting and would have loved to have more of the story be in his POV. The story mostly focused on Savannah who I did not care for as much just because of how much she worried. That got a little obnoxious.  The best friend Anne, was also a great character. She cracked me up even though I don't believe she was supposed to be funny.

So all in all, I liked this book. It is very much a forbidden love, Romeo and Juliet, teen angst love book which I happen to adore. It could have used a little less repeating and some more to the ending, but other than that I enjoyed it. Don't know if I will continue with the series though because the next book seems like it is going to pretty much be the exact same thing.

My rating: 9/10

Favorite quote from book:
"I understood then why humans have noses. So we can find each other to kiss in the dark."

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  1. I got this one from NetGalley -- sounds interesting, despite the repetitive nature of some bits. Thanks for the review!
    Mary @ BookSwarm


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