Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sam Claflin is Finnick!

I woke up this morning (okay, it was 11am, so not really morning...) and checked my facebook and lookie what I saw!!

OMG! Finnick!!!!!! I could not be more excited for Sam as Finnick. He says in the article that they did indeed do the sugar cube scene and that he was in a fishnet. *fans self* can't wait. Now to stalk my mailman until he brings me my copy of this so it can go on my wall. If you don't have a EW subscription, you really should get one. It's only like, $25 a year and you get a copy each week. It's awesome.

Here is the article: Look, it's Finnick!


Here is another picture from Catching Fire that I found on Entertainment Weekly's fb page.

Now I'm off to go watch Sam Claflin movies.


  1. I LOVE LOVE this cover!! I so can't wait to get my entertainment weekly on Friday!

  2. I love this cover, can`t wait for this movie to come:)

  3. I love it, he is the perfect Finnick

  4. Oh boy! He definitely looks the part. Yum!

  5. Soooo excited for the movie to come out! This is just another reason. :)

  6. Soooo excited for the movie to come out! This is just another reason. :)


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